What is Haüskey?

Haüskey simplifies the way we buy, sell, and rent residential real estate. The Haüskey real estate app makes buying a home faster, easier, and safer than a legacy brokerage. The App uses a unique formula which integrates elegant design, an easy-to-use interface, and next generation payment technology, to create a digital brokerage with a personalized, transparent, and cost-effective experience on smartphones.


How is Haüskey disrupting the market?

Beginning with pre-construction sales, Haüskey is disrupting residential real estate markets by allowing end-users to immediately buy and acquire sought after properties on their smartphones. 


Individuals no longer have to register for a real estate agent’s VIP list or stand in long lines at the developer’s sales office! When you see a property you like, you can Buy it immediately on the Haüskey platform! BUY…and its Yours!


For developers, we plug in to your existing sales infrastructure to help close deals at a faster rate and for a flat-fee, which is a fraction of the existing sales commission! 


  • How is your process different?

Similar to other cloud-based marketplaces, Hauskey provides the ultimate convenience when trading real estate. This culminates in our unique “Buy” button. When you see this and click Buy, “it is yours!”


  • Why use Haüskey to buy/sell/rent?

Hauskey allows you to buy with ease, transparency and convenience, sell using a cost-effective brokerage with a focused digital marketing platform and rent through a portal that easily stores and exchanges documents for users within our platform. Hauskey is regulated under the Real Estate Business & Brokers Act 2002 under RECO.


  • Who are Haüskey partners?

Hauskey is currently expanding its partnership ecosystem which will effectively allow users to not only trade but gain access through the App to those services which help facilitate the transaction such as lawyers, mortgage providers, insurance, utility providers, movers etc. These partnerships will start top be rolled out during Q2 2019.


  • How secure is my data/financial info?

Hauskey is employing the highest level of cloud cybersecurity protocols to ensure that all user data is secure and encrypted. We will be hosting on Amazon Web Services, which many leading global technology companies trust to run their services and host their user data. 



  • How do we work with our partners?

By creating strategic alignments with our partners, there are significant efficiencies and cost savings which are passed along to both clients and customers through the App. 


  • Is Haüskey legal? / does it sit within a regulatory framework?

Yes, our salespeople are all fully licenced with extensive track records in real estate and adhere to the strict regulatory requirements of RECO and RICS. 


  • Do you work with other agents/reps?

Yes, we are a registered brokerage and will happily work with other registered salespeople/brokerages.


  • What makes you the go-to place for pre-construction condos

Real Time, Abilty to Buy through an App, Ease of use, Automated documentation, Full Transparency


  • What can you tell me about Hauskey?

Hauskey is currently based in Toronto, ON and will be expanding across Select Canadian, US and international locations around the world. 

With a staff of over10 people and leading edge transaction technology, Hauskey is poised to become a major digital brokerage in the residential sector.


The Broker of Record for Hauskey is Damien Moore.


For more information please contact: 

Neel Kawale, CEO, nkawale@hauskey.com 

Damien Moore COO, dmoore@hauskey.com